Empresa CMI coloca bonos verdes

CMI Energía, part of Corporación Multi Inversiones’ CMI Capital group, successfully placed US$700 million in green bonds, at an interest rate of 6.250% and maturing in 2029, and closed a US$300 million syndicated loan to refinance its debt. The successful transaction was executed as part of CMI’s centennial celebration.

It is the largest green bond placement by a renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean to date, and marks CMI Energía’s entry into the international capital markets, with the largest 100% renewable and diversified private energy portfolio in Central America, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Clean energy confidence

Investors expressed their confidence in CMI and the region by making offers that were almost five (5) times the size of the issue. Of note was the geographic diversification of investors, with bids from investors in the United States (56%), Europe (29.4%), Asia (2.3%) and Latin America (12.3%); many of which have a focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, which in recent years have become the benchmark for socially responsible investing.

“We are very proud to be the leading private renewable energy company in the region. Our purpose is to generate impact investments that promote sustainable development. Through the placement of green bonds we seek to optimize the capital structure of our company and continue with an operation of excellence, continuous growth and the generation of positive impact for the communities where we operate”, explained CMI Capital’s CEO.

The placement of green bonds implies the issuer’s commitment to make sustainable investments. In this sense, the action is aligned with CMI Energía’s objectives of contributing to the reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and the decarbonization and diversification of the regional energy grid in the countries where it operates. In this way, CMI Energía consolidates its investments in the region, under a solid vision of a sustainable future.

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The 4 eligible categories covered by the green bonds, which have been aligned with specific SDGs

Renewable energy: renewable energy and climate action

Energy efficiency: renewable energy and climate action

Green buildings: innovation and infrastructure and sustainable cities and communities

Clean transportation: sustainable cities and communities

On the importance of this theme for CMI, the CEO explained: “As part of CMI’s 100-year history, CMI Energía successfully enters the bond markets for the first time and thus consolidates our strengths as a group. A multi-Latin family of business excellence and continuous growth, with knowledge and experience in commercial operations in the region”.

CMI Energía reaffirms its commitment to continue working in all its geographies, as it has done for more than 25 years hand in hand with the Bosch Gutiérrez family, with the highest standards of quality, respect for human rights and a strong commitment to the care, protection and conservation of the environment. .

Carla Fowler

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