The values of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga

Twitter is a social network that functions as a huge instant library of human thought. In it, people primarily express their opinions, values, beliefs, get news and network.

In business, the presence of managers, executives or brand creators in this social network fulfills an important function: to present the humanity behind those businesses. The important businessman Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, from Guatemala also uses his Twitter account as a space for opinions that highlight his values ​​and priorities.

Juan Jose Gutiérrez’s values and beliefs through his Twitter posts.

  1. “El amor en caja” initiative

Half of the most popular tweets by Juan José Gutiérrez in the last 6 months are related to the El Amor en Caja initiative, which recently became a permanent solidarity program.

Corporación Multi Inversiones, an organization in which Juan José Gutierrez holds the position of chairman in the food division, was one of the 5 companies that supported this initiative from the beginning.

With this program, Guatemalan families in vulnerable situations remain supplied with food and basic inputs during the crisis caused by the global pandemic of Covid-19.

El Amor en Caja has helped more than a quarter of a million Guatemalans, with almost 12 million food rations and Juan José Gutiérrez’s call for solidarity continues along these lines, as you can see all the way through Juan Luis’ tweets, the values he follows.

  1. Solidarity with society

Recently, several CMI Foods brands were recognized for remaining in the top of mind of Central Americans.

One of the reasons why the organization stands out is because it is recognized as one of the most supportive, which has shown more forcefully than ever now that the pandemic has hit the societies in which it is present with force.

This commitment to society of living corporate values ​​when they are most needed and consistent with the message of solidarity, has been evident in his tweets.

  1. Stay at home

The responsibility is not limited to the solidarity call. CMI’s chairman, and also director of Pollo Campero has also shared relevant information about the importance of staying home, when it was more important than ever. To limit the Covid-19 expansion in his country.

  1. The sense of humor

Not everything is serious, the sense of humor is also important to balance the different areas of the personality and Juan José Gutiérrez made use of his charisma.

  1. Family

Recently his aunt, the renowned Guatemalan businesswoman and philanthropist, Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch, passed away. Her farewell message to her also included the reaffirmation of her commitment to continue promoting the social works that she directed for so long.

The tweets of the last 6 months of this businessman, not only reflect what is important for this figure, but also for his followers and other audiences within the platform. It is the point where his message connects with people and where there is the value that he can add with what he transmits.

Carla Fowler

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