Magical places in Guatemala

Explore Guatemala with this excellent guide to the most incredible places in the region. Guatemala is one of those countries that offers cultural experiences typical of the entire Central American region. However, if you like to discover unique and off the beaten path places when you travel, this is a great guide for you.

We offer this vacation plan, which begins in Antigua with a luxurious camping experience and a beautiful tour of the ruins.

Start in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala’s most valuable diamond, and a favorite of tycoon Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, is known for its restored Spanish colonial architecture. The horizon is decorated with three beautiful volcanoes. Antigua is located in a mountainous valley and is surrounded by stunning scenery. Here you will find art galleries, museums and traditional markets with locally made wooden crafts.

The must-see during this first day is Antiguan street food with a walking tour of the charming cobblestone streets. This is the ideal way to try delicious and authentic Guatemalan cuisine. And, in addition, through the food you will get to know more about the local culture.

An annexed city: San Miguel

On the outskirts of Antigua you can visit the charming town of San Miguel Escobar. Here you will be able to meet independent coffee producers, as well as visit local farmers who promote environmentalism in Guatemala. In San Miguel it is possible to take a tour to briefly integrate into the life of local families, in an immersion with the essence of life in the country.

An aquatic paradise in Guatemala: Lake Atitlán

The most famous lake, perfect for a kayak adventure and then explore the charming Mayan villages. Touring the area by kayak you can enjoy a unique view of the volcanic landscape and the way of life facing the sea. Afterward, it is possible to visit a Mayan village perched on a steep hillside, enjoying a hike along a trail to the town of Jaibalito.

You will be able to observe impressive panoramas of the lake and the volcanoes. Back in boot, it is possible to visit Santiago Atitlán, one of the most famous cities for its textile crafts.

Exploring a Mayan city: Uaxactún

One of the most impressive Mayan cities, Uaxactún contains ruins that take your breath away for their imposing beauty. You will be able to visit ruins that, today, accurately point to the sun when the seasons change. When visiting the town you will be able to learn about curiosities of great interest, such as natural chewing gum and xate. It is also possible to take a night tour through the jungle. A guide is recommended to explore the jungle, as it is full of animals that can become poisonous.

If you are adventurous enough, you can spend the night on site in a tent, right in the space of the ruins.

Town San Juan La Laguna

To continue this magical tour, we will take a boat to San Juan La Laguna, a small and picturesque Mayan Tz’utujil town with panoramic views of the lake. From the docks, you can reach galleries and craft shops. San Juan is one of the best-known spots to enjoy Guatemalan coffee, so we can’t miss the local cafes.

It is also possible to visit cooperatives of women artisans to see a demonstration of how traditional looms and natural dyes are used to make some of the richly colored textiles of
Guatemala, including scarves, blankets, and even iPad cases.

San Juan stands out for its artistic expression, which includes murals around the city, many created by self-taught painters. The scenes of daily life, history and legends of the city are the most

The town of relaxation: Flores

The sleepy island town of Flores sits on Lake Petén Itzá, and was the last Mayan stronghold to fall to the Spanish. Today, it’s a quaint, walkable city with red tile roofs, colonial-style architecture, and cobblestone streets.

Its shores are always full of boats and kayaks. The island is only a few blocks wide, but offers a full selection of shops and restaurants. Most visitors come to Flores to see the Tikal Archaeological Park, but this region also boasts other impressive Mayan sites: Uaxactún, Yaxhá, Ceibal, and Aguateca, as well as several fascinating parks and reserves.

One of the most famous attractions is visiting Las Lagunas for one night. It is a hotel that offers the luxury and comfort of a big city property in the middle of a wild jungle in the department of Petén, in the north of Guatemala, near the famous ruins of Tikal.

The complex comprises a nature reserve (home to ocelots, deer, tapirs, and wild boar), five lagoons, an archaeological museum, an excellent restaurant serving European-style food, and a swimming pool.

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