McDonald’s Guatemala and the environment

Do you already know about McDonald’s initiatives? This initiative aims to promote the care of nature and the environment in Guatemala and the Mesoamerica region.McDonald’s is one of the companies that has made a commitment to leave a positive impact on the planet, protecting and restoring nature from cities to the countryside. What a chili! Below, we tell you more about the actions he has taken in Guatemala and the region to take care of the environment.

McDonald’s promotes sustainable restaurants in Guatemala

McDonald’s Mesoamerica aims for a more sustainable future by opening restaurants with different environmentally friendly initiatives. Mainly, they focus on using renewable energy, avoiding the emission of what is equivalent to 16,420 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

You can visit the 100 restaurant in Guatemala in this link, a location with renewable sources of self-production of energy, two wind turbines of up to 4000 watts and solar panels. They also have charging stations for electric cars in the parking lot, encouraging greater use of ecological means of transport.

McDonald’s has also helped plant more than 150,000 trees thanks to its Ecological Program, comenta Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga. By 2025 they have the goal that the toys of the Happy Meal are 100% sustainable.

Recycling Programs

The restaurant chain has several recycling programs, so it recycles 600 tons of cardboard and 60,000 gallons of oil a year. On the other hand, they contribute to the reduction of plastic, ceasing to use 70 million straws in 4 years, which is equivalent to 65 tons of plastics.McDonald's Guatemala and the environment

Certifications on your awareness of the environment

McDonald’s cardboard packaging is FSC certified, which confirms that the forest where the paper fibre comes from is managed in order to preserve biodiversity.

Through these actions, a better life is guaranteed for local communities and workers, ensuring the renewal of forests.Additionally, the restaurant’s coffee obtained Rainforest certification, which means that farmers receive help to improve their living conditions and take care of natural resources.

The prohibition of child labour, gender equality and non-discrimination are also verified.Learn more about McDonald’s initiatives to care for the environment. Be part of this positive change from your community in Guatemala!

Carla Fowler

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