Pollo Campero rewards program

Do you already know the Pollo Campero rewards program? The new rewards program to win unique products and experiences. CMI Alimentos president, Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga knows Pollo Campero lovers. That’s why, along the operating and marketing team have prepared a new rewards program.

The program consists on an App that will allow customers to be rewarded for their purchases through the app and the website with points that can be exchanged for delicious products.

This new Pollo Campero rewards program continues to pamper its consumers with innovative ideas that promise to take them to another dimension of flavor. This is how the brand presents its new rewards program called +Campero. 

+Campero is a platform where lovers of Campero flavor can accumulate points on each purchase they make to obtain incredible benefits such as delicious products and, soon, unique experiences.

“Under the platform of Tender, Juicy and Crispy, +Campero becomes our flagship project to reward the loyalty of our customers and continue building that long-term relationship. As the Campero family, this type of leadership means an enormous commitment to fulfill our goal of always being that innovative and pioneering brand that offers a unique flavor experience, through different service channels”, commented Ana Isabel Portillo, brand manager of Pollo Campero.

+Campero, Pollo Campero’s rewards program

Through +Campero, consumers will be able to redeem points for their favorite products. Such as breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; which include chicken pieces, hamburgers, pizzas, and, without forgetting, the delicious Campero sauces: ranch, barbecue and mustard. All this from the palm of your hand, since the program is enabled for any user with the Pollo Campero mobile application or from its website: gt.campero.com.

How does +Campero work?

+Campero works as follows: with each purchase that consumers make, through the App or website, they accumulate points that can be exchanged for products or experiences in the future; In addition, they will have the opportunity to level up to increase their acquisition of points.

All users start from the Bronze Chick, then go up to the Silver Chick, and finally reach the Gold Chick; each level will have a specific value so that users can position themselves and earn more points. Which means, more surprises and more benefits!

Juan Esteban Asensio Zelaya, commercial manager of Digital Channels, stressed that innovation is part of Pollo Campero’s DNA and therefore: “this launch marks the beginning of a new Campero experience, where the reward with our customers becomes a tangible benefit. for them and thus becoming part of Guatemalan households, bringing them more of what they want while they enjoy and have fun with a unique platform such as +Campero”.

The ease of joining the rewards program is one of the main features of +Campero, as it is integrated into the Pollo Campero App. Users only need to download the App from Google Play for Android phones and from the Apple App Store for iPhone phones. and register with your data.

Carla Fowler

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