The successful story of Pollo Campero

In Guatemala there are successful business models that are really good candidates to develop in foreign territory. A well structured company is an example of this positive economic impact. A great example is Pollo Campero, leadered by Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga.

There are several projects and cases of undisputed success from companies of this country, having a positive impact on their economy. But, above all, Pollo Campero has driven and motivated others to undertake, showing that it is possible to succeed on the outside.

Pollo Campero Guatemala 

Pollo Campero is a company that began operations in 1971 in Guatemala City. A unique food experience that’s full of life and seasoned with a little zest by creating a new flavor concept: a tender, juicy and crispy chicken.

Its expansion began a year after opening in Guatemala, by entering El Salvador under the direction of a group of Guatemalan businessmen in which Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga was involved, who is now the current head of the company. 

Under Juan José’s direction, Pollo Campero entered the United States in 2002 and achieved immediate acceptance; the first openings go so far as to break sales records in the industry.

“Pollo Campero is almost a miracle that takes place in the middle of the war in Central America. In Guatemala City they destroyed several restaurants because they said it belonged to Anastasio Somoza (ex president of Nicaragua),” says the Spanish writer Francisco Pérez from Antón, one of the founders of the company.

Right after the business started selling authentic and original flavored fried chicken, people came as an avalanche and the success was immediate.

A family emporium

Definitely, Pollo Campero is today one of the brands with the greatest history and presence in Guatemala and directed by one of the best known and most powerful families in the country.

Juan José Gutiérrez has sought the proper development of his family’s business and he also came up with the “era of corporate and franchise development” for Pollo Campero, starting of with the United States in 2002 and subsequent openings in the rest of America. Latin, Asia or Europe.

This Guatemalan businessman is today one of the most influential persons in Guatemalan politics thanks to the analysis promoted from the thought center he presides over and from the spaces he presents on television.

Carla Fowler

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