Tips for your trip to Guatemala

Guatemala City is a great place to vacation. However, there are some generalities that you should take into account when planning a trip to Guatemala.

The programs and projects carried out by the Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga management, through the Juan Gutiérrez Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation, seek to be in contact with the reality of their country, which is why they have highlighted these important points of the nation.

Make an incredible trip to Guatemala

The Mayan culture is still very present

The indigenous Mayans are still strongly present. You’ll notice them in their brightly colored traditional dress wherever you go, and many people speak one of the 22 Mayan dialects throughout the country.

On your trip to Guatemala visit the markets

Guatemala City is home to 23 public markets that sell products from all over the country. The largest is La Terminal, while the most attractive for tourists is the Central Market. Here you can buy souvenirs and see the huge piles of produce, flowers, and other goods for sale.

There are great museums and galleries

When you take a trip to Guatemala, check out indigenous Mayan textiles at the Ixchel Museum or learn about Mayan beliefs at the Popol Vuh Museum. Get to know the National Museum of Modern Art or visit galleries such as 9.99 or Proyectos Ultravioleta. Be sure to also visit the National Palace of Culture.

Turismo en tu viaje a Guatemala

Music is strong

On your trip to Guatemala, you will notice that the traditional music comes from the marimba, a large percussion instrument that consists of a set of wooden bars that are struck with mallets.

Traffic is terrible

Always reserve extra time if you have an appointment to keep because Guatemala City is famous for its traffic.

Public transport is a problem

The Transmetro bus system is quite fast and safe, but with very limited routes. There are other red buses that travel very fast, but they are a magnet for crime.

There is no public transport to the airport

Consider that on your trip to Guatemala, you can get off the plane and negotiate with a taxi if you wish, but it is better that you organize a transfer before you arrive. There are transport companies that make the trip to Antigua, or you can book a taxi for a fixed price before you arrive.

Food for your trip to Guatemala

Guatemala has a great gastronomy to taste. On your trip to Guatemala, we recommend the following traditional dishes:

  • Chapín Breakfast: It is a dish prepared with eggs accompanied by beans, cream and fried plantains.
  • Enchiladas: It is basically a crispy corn tortilla, with lettuce leaves, cabbage, different types of meat and tomato sauce.
  • Kak-Ik: It is a turkey broth with a variety of spices, vegetables and chilies and that in 2007 was declared part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation. It is generally accompanied with rice, white tamales wrapped in moss leaf, chili and a cocoa drink.

Restaurants expect a 10% tip, which in tourist cities like Antigua is often automatically added to the bill. In the simpler dining rooms, tipping is optional but it is advisable to follow the local custom of leaving a few coins.

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