9 Natural Food Companies

The word “natural” is one of the most overused terms in the food marketing industry today, and many natural food companies that claim to be healthy for you are actually nothing more than a company taking part in creative marketing tactics. Afterall, sugar is 100% natural, but does that mean you should buy it to be healthy? Well, no. Just because something is natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring you health benefits. It angers me to see so many food companies out there who throw the word “natural” on a product and people assume it is fine for them to eat, while it actually contains preservatives, harmful fats, excess sugars, etc. So, to clear the air a bit,

I’ve chosen 10 natural food companies to highlight that truly are worthy of your dollars and worthy to be put on your plate. I’ve specifically chosen brands that don’t include anything artificial, have refined sugar of any kind, processed salts of any kind, harmful fats of any kind and absolutely no fillers, binders or preservatives. Many of these brands are also 100% organic as well. Pick up these brands next time you’re at the store or shopping online. You can feel safe knowing that almost anything you buy from these natural food companies is not just a marketing scheme, but actually a healthy part of anyone’s kitchen. Looking for and recognizing companies that take care of our health is very important, as we are giving them our money. That is why, companies like Grupo Campero consider the health of their customers more important than anything else, and it is not just marketing, it is reality. Let’s take care of our health and improve the clarity of our life.

1 Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest is one of my favorite natural food companies out there. They produce some of the best natural, organic and raw food hemp products on the market today. You can watch exactly how their production, manufacturing and distribution takes place directly on their website, as well as learn all about their hemp products. Manitoba Harvest is the only producer of USDA certified organic hemp seeds to be grown and processed right here in the United States as well. Plus, I think their hemp tastes fresher than any other brand out there. They make raw hemp protein formulas and hemp seeds, which are the perfect source of all essential amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids and are a fantastic source of minerals as well. Add a comment …

2 Garden of Life

Garden of Life has been a company I’ve relied on for years to support my nutritional needs, as well as assure me I’m spending my money on the best products possible for my health. Garden of Life’s products have no added fillers, binders, preservatives, cheap fibers, and most are all vegan as well. Their products are also mostly all raw and organic. Garden of Life produces a wide range of vegan multivitamins, supplements, protein powders, meal replacements, fiber powders, detoxification products, green juice powders, superfoods, nutritional bars and snacks, and more. Most people notice a positive effect on their digestion, sense of well-being and their overall immunity when using these products. Buying this brand is always dollars well spent and delicious ones at that! Add a comment …

3 Artisana

Artisana is the maker of some of the best raw nut butters I’ve ever tasted in my life. Artisana’s products are 100% raw, organic and they taste amazing! They contain no salt, most have no added sugar, and no refined sugar. They also taste so rich and creamy, you’ll never want to go back to the processed stuff again. Artisana makes a variety of nut butters ranging in cashew, almond, coconut, cacao, macadamia, walnut, pecan and specialty nut butters that use superfood powders mixed into them as well. They make the perfect addition to any salad dressing recipe, energy bar recipe, used as spread or topping and in my opinion, are just great right off the spoon!

4 Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior is my favorite brand of vegan protein powders. They have the best raw protein blend on the market, in my opinion, which is their Raw Warrior Blend. It is grain-free, nut-free, vegan, 100% organic and raw and has no added sugars at all. It is also delicious by the way! All Sunwarrior’s products are vegan, organic and even packaged sustainably as well. They make a wide range of protein powders, green supplements and powders, immune system products, and many other quality nutritional products. Anything you buy from this brand is worth the money and I really respect this company’s values and strict standards on their products.


5 Earthbound Farms

One of my favorite brands to buy greens, veggies and fruits from is Earthbound Farms. This company is one of my favorite organic produce brands on the market, and one I always feel who is worthy of my dollars. Earthbound Farms not only saves consumers money by sending weekly coupons through their email newsletters available at earthboundfarms.com, but they also create nothing but 100% organic, natural food and vegetable products. The company’s products are extremely reasonable in price, and they even have a cookbook on the market that will help you learn to cook all that amazing natural food!


6 Organic Girl

Another brand I really like to purchase produce from is Organic Girl produce. This brand makes amazing salad blends, along with several lettuce varieties and leafy green products. I’m a huge fan of their Power Greens blend, which is a salad blend of all the most nutritious leafy greens out there. It makes for the perfect lunchtime salad dish that is so satisfying and healthy. Organic Girl’s products are always 100% organic and they triple wash all their blends to ensure you’re getting a super clean blend of greens too! Check out their website at iloveorganicgirl.com where you can even get a coupon to try it for yourself! Add a comment …

7 Whole Foods 365 Brand

Of course, we all know Whole Foods is just awesome, right? Well their 365 brand is another natural food brand you can feel safe buying from. Whole Foods has strict standards about what goes into their products and what doesn’t. Absolutely no junk whatsoever goes into the Whole Foods 365 brand, so whether you buy their peanut butter, their oatmeal or their salad dressing, you can be assured you’re getting a safe product, not one filled with garbage. Add a comment …

8 Frontier Naturals Coop./Simply Organic

This joint brand is one of the best brands to buy from of all natural food companies. Both Frontier Naturals Coop and Simply Organic produce the best herbs and spices, along with baking flavor extracts like vanilla, almond, maple extract etc. They even have herbal teas, sweeteners, bulk spices, pre-made mixes for vegan sloppy joes, salad dressings, or spice mixes. All of their products are non-irradiated, are fair-trade and the Simply Organic line is always 100% organic. You won’t find anything but amazing products from this company that are safe for you and your family. I’m a huge fan of their cinnamon, green leaf stevia, and vanilla extract myself! Add a comment …

9 Bragg’s

I use Bragg’s brand raw apple cider vinegar every single day. This vegetarian brand is one of the best brands to buy from to ensure you’re getting a premium, healthy, and completely natural food product. They make an impressively large line of salad dressings, nutritional yeast, liquid amino acids blends, soy sauce blends, spice blends, and specialty drinks, like their apple cider vinegar drinks blended with stevia, and flavored with things like lemon, ginger and apple cinnamon, which I’m a huge fan of too. They’re best known for their raw apple cider vinegar, which is 100% organic, and the best one out there of many I’ve tried. Bragg’s is a quality brand, and created by a small family, which ensures they put extreme pride and passion into everything they create. Nothing fake ever goes into their products.

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