The best beaches and activities in Guatemala

Guatemala is famous for its many eco-regions and is a favorite destination for tourists. Found in Central America, this country has a great biodiversity. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or just returning because you can’t get enough, don’t miss out on some of its most fascinating beaches to visit, as well as the activities you’re sure to enjoy the most.

This country is known for the great contributions that Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga has left in the country and the appointment that she has given to the country globally. That is why visiting Guatemala can be interesting and take full advantage of it, especially its beaches.

Beaches in Guatemala

Monterico Beaches

The beautiful beach of Monterrico, which can be found along the beautiful Pacific coastal region of Guatemala, is in fact one of the most visited beaches in Guatemala. This beach destination in Central America will have a volcanic style of charcoal colored sand along with a tremendous current.

Monterrico beach is not really considered one of the most exquisite beach destinations within the Central American region, and yet that may be the reason for its general appeal. Monterrico is hardly ever congested, and the gargantuan development projects experienced on all other beaches in Central America are surprisingly absent.

This charming beach destination is extremely accessible to tourists; Various forms of public transportation travel to Monterrico from various nearby destinations, for example, such as Antigua.

Puerto San Jose Beaches

The beach known as Puerto San José is located not far from Monterrico. Puerto San José is an exquisite destination with a population of a couple of thousand, the largest destination to appear on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

Tourists must enjoy the local beach of this amazing little town, moreover, sport fishing in this wonderful town is considered to be the most popular spot for the whole world.


Fabulous Livingston can be described as a plethora of wonderful wooden architecture situated on the stretch of land between the Caribbean coast and the rainforest. This particular place can only be reached by using a speedboat as the river goes straight into the tropical jungle.

The waterfront found in Livingston is definitely not that beautiful, though going for a walk along the shorelines might take you to slightly more private and picturesque beach destinations. One of these brilliant beaches is known as Playa Blanca and it is really a very used beach by many North American travelers.

Puerto Barrios

The city of Puerto Barrios is considered a very small place located on the east coast of Guatemala.

This small town is often a favorite jumping-off point for travelers making their way to the popular tourist regions a little further north in Belize, which is generally only traveled to by boat. This small town itself may not be home to amazing beach destinations, on the other hand, you will discover a host of great neighboring beach destinations that typically include beaches like Playa Tilapa along with other great beaches featured in neighboring Belize.

Playas en Guatemala / Beaches in Guatemala

Tilapa Beach

This beautiful beaches destinations is located in the vicinity of the border with Mexico, and it is also the most isolated coastline in Guatemala.

This Guatemalan beach destination is, without a doubt, incredibly relaxing and it is evident that very little has been done to date. One particular problem regarding the private beach destinations experienced in places like these is that vacationers won’t enjoy any kind of amenities similar to those available in more populated regions, on the other hand, that’s exactly how some tourists see it. they prefer.

Champerico Beach

If you ever drive a short couple of hours from a community called Quetzaltenango, chances are you’ll discover a nice tourist spot called Champerico. The wonderful beach destinations enjoyed here are rarely busy. A large hardwood pier is truly an impressive highlight, and is considered to be around 300 years old.

Water activities in Guatemala


Being surrounded by bodies of water, naturally, you won’t want to miss out on your favorite water sports when in Guatemala. It can be fired quickly in the rapid waters of the El Chiquibil or La Pasión river. Of course you have your usual diving and snorkelling.

Boat travel

The best way to experience all of Guatemala’s lagoons, mangroves, and the beauty of its waters is to take a boat ride on the Rio Dulce. Here, you may be lucky enough to see the manatees as this is their home. People say that these manatees look like mermaids from afar.

Lake Atitlán

People who have sailed its waters agree that this is one of the most amazing and impressive lakes they have ever sailed on. Here, you will experience the serenity of the neighboring Mayan settlements. Therefore, you will definitely want to include this in your itinerary.

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