CMI trains entrepreneurs in business skills

Within the framework of the 100 years of good stories to tell of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), 390 entrepreneurs who are part of La Casa de Pollo Rey in Guatemala will be trained thanks to the support of FUNDESA Latin America and BID Invest, a member of the Group BID (Inter-American Development Bank).

La Casa de Pollo Rey is a project, led by CMI Alimentos, that promotes the economic empowerment of small merchants through authorized points for the sale of the brands: Pollo Rey, Toledo and other products from the corporation. Among the benefits of being strategic allies, entrepreneurs receive training, conditioning of their stores and refrigeration equipment.  

The purpose of CMI Alimentos is to feed your world by filling it with well-being. This is reflected in the fact that sustainability is the core of our business strategy. La Casa de Pollo Rey exemplifies how we seek to provide opportunities for progress throughout our value chain, promoting decent work and progressive and inclusive economic growth, ” said Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga CMI Alimentos Chairman

From the hand of FUNDESA, a Latin American organization focused on promoting the growth and transformation of small businesses, 390 allies of La Casa de Pollo Rey will initially be selected to participate in the first training program. 

During a 10 week period, entrepreneurs will have access to virtual sessions, growth tools, personalized technical assistance and other incentives to benefit their personal, family and business development. 

The training will begin in October and is divided into modules that cover topics related to customer service, finance, innovation and marketing, safety and quality. In this way, the beneficiaries will learn and strengthen the skills that allow them to grow their businesses to positively impact their communities. 

In addition, during the program, participants will have the personalized support of managers from CMI Alimentos, advisers and trainers from FUNDESA. Thus, at the end of December, entrepreneurs will receive a diploma from FUNDESA certifying that they successfully completed the course.

“Based on the experience with this first group, we will continue with more training programs for those who are part of La Casa de Pollo Rey, with the aim of empowering them with knowledge and skills that lead to greater well-being, and they are also generators of opportunities” Gutiérrez Mayorga explained. 

This training program is possible thanks to the financial support of BID Invest, as part of the alliance with CMI Alimentos to strengthen food security and economic development in the Central American region. These are fundamental aspects for the Corporation, since one of its purposes is to generate prosperity in the communities, with the philosophy of growing together promoting entrepreneurship and formality in projects that form and enhance opportunities for people who wish to undertake.

CMI Alimentos contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as decent work, green bonds, economic growth, partnerships to achieve the goals and gender equality. With more than 700 locations in the country , 70% of La Casa de Pollo Rey’s allies are women, merchants earn more than the minimum wage, and more than 50% of the stores have employees. Access to quality meat protein throughout the national territory is also promoted, thus supporting the goal of zero hunger.

Carla Fowler

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