CMI: one of the most recognized companies in Central America

The chain’s management worked on developing a new organizational base recently presented, which created the Central American Restaurants unit, which will cover the markets of Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica; and the Pollo Campero International unit, which will take care of business in the United States and the rest of the world.

In the key territories of Central America we have grown by opening restaurants in many markets, and we are consolidating our leadership. According to Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, 2011 was a year of expansion and consolidation for the restaurant chain. We closed the year with 434 restaurants: 347 of Pollo Campero and 87 more considering Pans&Co, Café Barista, Pollo Granjero and Don Pollo, he detailed.

CMI is one of the most recognized companies in Central America among 150 business owners and senior executives of national, regional and multinational companies that market throughout the region.

What are the main markets covered by the company today?

Juan Luis Bosh: The natural market for geographical and cultural aspects is the Central American and Caribbean region. It is where it all begins and where it covers a more relevant position, thanks to the preference of consumers and the accumulation of experience and skills over the years.

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga: However, a second market that we are very happy with, because it presents us with fascinating opportunities and has allowed us to have very satisfactory results, is the U.S. Here, the Latino buyer base has been a wonderful landing platform to start our expansion into the main trade, but now we have to take bigger steps, serve more sophisticated buyers and face more reputable competitors.

What stands out in terms of Pollo Campero’s expansion?

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga: A very promising future for Pollo Campero, as we make important improvements. Initially we focused on prioritizing those convenient areas with a significant population of Central American origin.

Then, based on many marketing studies and experience accumulated over time, we came up with a new marketing model, with a more targeted approach to attract new and loyal buyers.
Niches were created with similar and particular characteristics such as price, nationality or ethnicity, but rather characterized by being food lovers and open-minded to try new concepts and proposals.

Which divisions are showing the best performance?

Juan Luis Bosh: In general, they are all doing quite well; it is too early in the year to anticipate results.
The start of expansion with a new government that is giving very good signs of governance, which intends to strengthen the rule of law and support business competitiveness, but the start in some buyer sectors has been somewhat slower than desired.

What were the company’s greatest achievements, during 2011, in terms of strategies implemented?

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga: Our businesses demand from us daily tasks and operations in the different territories and industries and, to this end, the work teams in each unit are dedicated and focused on obtaining the best expected results in sales, participation, efficiency and consolidating our leadership.

On the other hand, our long-term vision and commitment oblige us to project ourselves seriously into the future, and we are in the process of self-evaluation, working to adopt the best global practices in each industry in which we participate.

Carla Fowler

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