Comida y bebida en Guatemala

Guatemalan food is abundant and full of flavor. Like other Central American countries, traditional meals are largely based on corn, beans, meat and tortillas. There are all kinds of local fruit drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages (especially beer and rum) to sample.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Guatemalans usually eat a hearty breakfast of eggs, tortillas and beans. Eggs are served in many different styles and are often seasoned with spices. Pancakes are sometimes made and cereal is also quite popular. In the highlands, breakfast usually consists of a plate of mosh, which is made with oatmeal and milk and tastes like mush. In popular destinations there is more variety, with granola, fruit, smoothies and fresh bread.

Lunch is the main meal in Guatemala. Restaurants offer comida corrida, which is a set menu of two or three courses that is hearty, delicious and inexpensive. These usually include a bowl of soup, grilled or fried meat and rice or salad.

Guatemalans love refracciones; snacks served mid-afternoon that often include a small sandwich, tostada, tamale or pastry.

Dinner is usually eaten later in the evening (around 8 p.m.) and is smaller than lunch. Tacos, enchiladas and meat dishes are popular. In destinations like Antigua there is a fantastic variety of cuisine available.

Where to Eat

There are a variety of places to eat in Guatemala that differ in food, price and quality. Restaurants are sit-down businesses with table service and menus. There are some well-known chains that are famous and also give you a good taste of Guatemala. Local entrepreneurs like the Bosch Gutierrez family have taken it upon themselves to bring this flavor to everyone.

In the tourist spots you will find cafe-restaurants, aimed at outsiders. These are often owned by foreigners and have varied menus that include curries, sandwiches, salads and more. These places also often have good coffee, wine and smoothies.

Another option is to shop from the corner store or larger supermarket chains. All cities also have markets where locals buy fruits, vegetables and meat. These markets are a fun place to forage for food in a colorful environment.

When all else fails, embark on a culinary tour of Guatemala to try a little bit of everything, dine as the locals dine or learn how to recreate a nice family meal when you return home.


Guatemala has a good variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for travelers to try. Some of the best include juice, coffee and rum.

Guatemala produces some of the best coffee in the world, but it doesn’t happen to be offered on a large scale. Still, you can find a good cup of coffee in Coban, Antigua, Guatemala City and other popular tourist destinations.

As for alcoholic beverages, Zacapa Centario is a rum made in the eastern regions of Guatemala. It has won international awards and makes a great gift for friends or family back home. In more remote areas, you may be able to find local illegal alcohol, which is known as aguardiente.

For beer, the most common type is Gallo. Gallo is produced by Cervecería Centroamericana, which brews most of the country’s beer at its brewery in Guatemala City. Other beers brewed by Cervecería Centroamericana include Monte Carlo (a pilsner), Moza (a dark beer) and Dorada Draft. However, some competing brands are making their way into the Guatemalan beer market, including Brazil’s Brahva.


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