Promotion of the education of Guatemalans

Thanks to different associations and several non-profit foundations, education in Guatemala has been growing and improving little by little in recent years. This has been possible due to the execution of different initiatives, in which Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga has supported, who for several years has been a participant in these programs. In addition, in 2020 he was appointed president of the Juan Gutiérrez Bautista foundation, in which actions with social responsibility are carried out such as the fight against malnutrition, child labor and the promotion of education.

What is done in these initiatives that support education?

Instructional materials have been provided at various locations within the country. Education staff and volunteers are expected to support schools in the afternoons as needed. By providing more classes, students are expected to enroll more and more in the respective school cycles, since the dropout rate is high in this region of Central America.

If a person wishes to participate in the service of educational programs, he must apply. This is suitable for people interested in: Education, Development, Spanish, Social Justice, Servant Leadership, and Basic Studies.

Education in Guatemala

The basic costs of participation, which include airfare, lodging, meals and staff support, are covered by different scholarships financed by a large number of national and regional organizations and associations, such as the initiatives of the Juan Gutiérrez Bautista Foundation.

Students will stay in a small private hostel if their communities are far from the school. It is also important that the possibilities of education at the most basic levels in Guatemala be brought to them as close as possible.

Although there is no doubt that education is being sought to reach all the children of Guatemala, the support and programs are focused. Initially, for communities with fewer resources and that are further away from educational centers.

The objective is that in the near future the entire population can have the minimum school education in the country. Initially, the associations and foundations involved know that it is important to bring this right to the most disadvantaged sector.

Carla Fowler

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