Crucial elements of environmental commitment

CMI’s environmental commitment in the region is based on a sustainability model made up of the company’s principles, relations with the community and the long-term growth of its initiatives.

CMI is a multilatin corporation dedicated to the creation of economic, social and environmental value. For this reason, one of its business groups, CMI Capital, is committed to the development of renewable energies and is led by its president Juan Luis Bosch and its CEO Enrique Crespo. In turn, the positive impacts of renewable energy is used in the CMI Alimentos plants, directed by President Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Bosch.

For more than 25 years, CMI Energía has been dedicated to the development, planning, construction, operation and commercialization of renewable energy generation projects in the Central American area. In fact, this unit is one of the three main producers of renewable energy in the region.

Due to the operation of its hydroelectric, wind and solar parks. It now has an installed capacity of 813 MW. As a result, it provides clean and renewable electricity to several countries. One of the proofs of the corporation’s environmental commitment.

CMI Energy, in addition to its renewable energy initiatives, is always looking for new ways to promote environmental commitment. As a result, the firm issued $700 million in green bonds with a yield of 3.625% and a maturity date of 2029.

As a result, this is the largest placement made by a renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean to date. This type of financial investment tries to help initiatives that aspire to be respectful with the environment.

The general director of CMI Capital, Enrique Crespo, pointed out that the company seeks to optimize its capital structure with the issuance of these bonds. And in this way, we will be able to continue to operate with quality, steadily increasing and having a significant effect on our communities.

The basis of CMI’s environmental commitment

The concept of environmental commitment of CMI Energy is based on three axes:

  • Corporate values ​​- Conduct all activities in accordance with REIR’s ideals (responsibility, excellence, integrity and respect).
  • Community relations involves being attentive to the needs of the community and seeking methods to improve their standard of living.
  • Sustainable development implies making every effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have the least possible environmental impact.

CMI has worked on a variety of initiatives with the same goal of creating a relationship with the community, including:

  • Educational excellence: encourages children to stay in school.
  • Sports Excellence – Encourages the development of life skills and sports ideals.
  • Renace Vocational Training Center – Provides employment options.
  • Good water: protect the watershed and keep the river clean and healthy.
  • Guatemalan quetzal conservation project: They work with various groups to protect the life of the country’s national bird.

According to CMI, the generation of energy from renewable and pollution-free sources is a fundamental pillar for the long-term environmental commitment of the energy industry. Thus, not only is employment generated and development is carried out, but the economic and social growth of the country is also supported, all while conserving the environment.

Carla Fowler

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