The best way to invest in Guatemala

Have you ever wondered why you should invest in Guatemala? First of all, you should know that the country has several investment alternatives with which you can grow your capital and assets. Studies show that Guatemala’s economy is one of the largest in Central America. That’s why we have prepared an article to explain how to invest in Guatemala, along with Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, an important businessman in the country. Due to his expertise you can learn about the best options to invest and do the best business by getting first hand information about investment in Guatemala.

Reasons to invest in Guatemala

The main reasons to invest in the country are through macroeconomic information, the logistics platform, the access to the main markets, free trade agreements, among others. The geographical location of the country is a factor that contributes positively to investment. Since it has geological formations, relief, climate and soils, it is important to mention that it offers logistical access through the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Options to invest in Guatemala

There are several investment opportunities, below we share some:

  • Franchises: Usually the most successful in the country are restaurants.
  • Digital consulting: Currently, learning to promote products or services on the web and in social networks is an essential factor to generate more sales.
  • Financial products: The Guatemalan financial system offers various options to invest with investment returns from 1% to 6.5%.
  • Real estate projects: Real estate represents buyers that do not lose their value, an excellent option to generate passive income.
  • Third-party businesses: Being the investor of this type of business is an option that can be profitable when the purpose is to obtain large profits from the money available.

Foreign investment statistics

According to data from the Bank of Guatemala (BANGUAT), direct foreign investment in the country from January to June 2021 was 586.3 million dollars. When emphasizing important macroeconomic data, we must highlight 2021: imports US$5,037.4 million and exports US$2,441.5 million. This reflects why the Guatemalan economy is part of the largest in Central America. If we talk about the main regions with investment in the country, during the first six months of 2021, they are:

  • Central America and the Dominican Republic (US$74.0 million)
  • Colombia ($121.8 million)
  • Mexico ($103.2 million)
  • United States ($83.5 million)
  • Netherlands ($60.2 million)

The issue of attracting foreign investment is supported by encouraging the increase of bilateral trade relations in the DR-CAFTA region, which is made up of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and the United States. It is also important to mention that the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade represents a great commercial opportunity for Guatemala and with the fulfillment of several objectives, highlighting the substantial increase in investment and the assertion of intellectual property rights, so that commercialization will be more agile and accurate.

Carla Fowler

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