The impact of leadership

CMI is a multi-Latin family organization with senior leadership that has been producing economic, social and environmental value for more than 100 years in all the countries where the successful company operates.

Over the years, the company has had a long-term effect in the 16 countries where it is present by providing excellence and quality in its goods and services through the main business groups, CMI Alimentos and CMI Capital.

Both organizations have expanded the scope of CMI’s activities. As well as the leadership commitment of its operators to promote the sustainability of its operations and reinforce CMI’s commitment to contribute to the development of nations.

This expansion has been possible thanks to the leadership of Enrique Crespo, General Manager of CMI Capital, and Jorge Gregorio Baquero, General Manager of CMI Alimentos, who were included in the study “The General Managers that Move the Region”, El Economista, a magazine Central America, carried out the investigation.

The magazine’s special covers the work of the CEO, who is the first to become a benchmark in the career plan and growth of a company or organization. He also conducts a brief interview with the presidents of both business groups, Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga of CMI Alimentos and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez of CMI Capital, who are known for building an excellent leadership team under the executive supervision of our presidents.

Leadership in market expansion and new markets

Since 2018, under the leadership of José Gregorio Baquero, CEO of CMI Alimentos, he has focused on the expansion of the group. Under his direction, the Flour business unit inaugurated a new mill in Guatemala in 2021, increasing flour production capacity by 35%.

This allowed the establishment of a new cookie production line in the United States. The CEO also forecasts a 27% increase in the Campero brand.

Baquero said that the acquisition of the mixing company AIS Bakery, which has a presence in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Colombia, was the first step in the company’s expansion and purchase ambitions. Colombia, says Baquero, joins the list of countries where CMI has a presence.

The continuous search for innovation in the product line has allowed the company to expand its chicken production, logistics and transportation capabilities. For 2021, the growth of the Pollo Granjero and Don Pollo brands is also expected. In the case of Pollo Campero, 9 new locations are planned in Guatemala, 3 in El Salvador and 14 in the United States.

CMI Alimentos “invests to ensure food safety by improving our many operations,” said our CEO of CMI Alimentos.

An impact leadership

In April 2021, US$700 million in green bonds were issued in the international market under the supervision of Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital. The CEO considers this a decisive moment, which fills him with pride as a Central American and Guatemalan.

According to Crespo, “this placement of bonds is a great milestone, so we believe that sustainable investments will be of great help to continue promoting comprehensive development in the Central American and Caribbean area.”

He went on to say that renewable energy power plants have robust and comprehensive sustainability plans that address infrastructure, education, health and environmental concerns.

Crespo affirmed that CMI will continue to operate in all the geographies where it is present in this way, with the highest quality standards, respect for human rights and a strong commitment to citizenship, preservation and conservation of the environment.

The CEO of CMI Capital also stated that he continues to develop real estate projects that contribute to the progress and well-being of people. In addition, they hope to promote the social and economic development of small and medium-sized companies through their network of shopping centers.

Crespo also prioritized expanding Guatemala’s wind and solar power generation portfolio, as well as energy projects in the Dominican Republic and Panama.

The CMI company is proud to have CEOs with a high leadership impact who live REIR’s internal values ​​in all their actions. Promoting sustainable and comprehensive development in operations.

Carla Fowler

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