10 movies every entrepreneur should watch

There will always be times when we put off starting a business because we think the choice might have backfired or because we feel overwhelmed by the challenges that might come up later. If this describes how you feel, we invite you to watch some of these 10 financial, economic and business movies that Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga wants to recommend.

Movies for Entrepreneurs

“The big bet”

The story centers on four people who discover that the government, the press and the banks do not recognize the economic crisis. When they realize that their investments are at risk, they decide to take a gamble, causing them to start doubting everyone and everything. If you want to learn about certain investment topics, we suggest it.

“Risky business”

The plot begins when a young man’s parents decide to leave him home alone and he wrecks his father’s Porsche on the set of the 1983 film. This forces him to act quickly to figure out how to get the money to fix it, and it’s in that moment when you realize you’ve had a brilliant idea that would make you successful.

“The Founders”

The premise of this film is based on the story of the founding of McDonald’s, one of the largest businesses in the world that emerged in the 1950s and revolutionized conventional cuisine.

It all begins when Ray Kroc meets brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald from Southern California who run a small burger joint. Ray came up with the concept of franchising this business and giving the restaurant a strong brand that focused on children after being impressed by how quickly the food was prepared and served.

“The Fraud”

This man epitomizes success both in his career and in his personal life. He is always accompanied by his beloved wife and his daughter, who represent the ideal family.

The main character in this novel is heavily in debt and is in a hurry to sell his company to a major bank before the fraud he perpetrated is discovered.

“Sall Street: money never sleeps”

Dare to enjoy this follow-up in which a man, the alleged financial shark, is released. Gordon Gekko is looking for a way to reintegrate into the financial industry, which was once his competition, and collaborates with his daughter’s fiancé to avenge the ruin she endured. his teacher.

“Human capital”

This film tells a story from a variety of perspectives about “human capital,” which is a term used in the field of economics to describe the potential or economic worth of an individual or everyone. Population, which contributes to the development of this human capital, including aptitude, intelligence, skills, perseverance, and other characteristics acquired through environmental or personal effort, education, training, and family life. You may be interested in the financial value of this movie because many of the characters are motivated solely by financial motives.

“Bad news”

This movie, one of the financial ones, depicts how the 2008 financial crisis began and how many entrepreneurs in large corporations responded. The disputes between Wall Street and the Washington government are at the center of the narrative, which focused on a Treasury secretary. Quite intriguing.

“The social network”

You must already be aware of it, but in case you are not, we urge you to watch it to learn more about how you can succeed in the face of difficulties and with little money. Does the theme of its creation sound familiar to you, one of the best-known social networks in the world? We are talking about Facebook (today called Meta). organization that completely changed the way people interact and stay in touch. In just ten years, Mark Zuckerberg transformed the industry and founded one of the largest companies in the world.

“Looking for happiness”

In addition to making you cry, this heartwarming story will certainly give you courage as you watch a bright and talented salesman overcome challenges to complete an internship with a reputable stockbroker. The two protagonists will also have to overcome many challenges in order to realize their dreams. a higher life.

“An amazing mind”

The film’s story focuses on the strange and lonely boy who experiences episodes of hallucinations that only his roommate can understand. They quickly come across an intriguing idea and offer him a professorship at MIT as a result.

Intelligent! Grab some popcorn and enjoy these business and finance movies that will likely inspire you to launch his own company.

Carla Fowler

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