Effective social programs in Guatemala

Many social programs have been implemented in Guatemala over the years to help communities live better.

Corporación Multi Inversiones is one of the companies with ongoing representative social programs. The company’s vision of sustainability is 360 degrees, with a holistic approach. CMI has demonstrated its dedication to the sustainable development of all generations. Therefore, they dedicate their time and resources to establishing social programs that help achieve this goal.

In order to understand the needs of the communities and create initiatives that fill these gaps, the programs and projects in which Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga has contributed through CMI and her team, actively work to stay in touch with local realities in the nations where they operate.

Discover CMI’s social programs

Through the following action focuses, CMI Capital and CMI Alimentos support their CSR objectives and projects:

Social programs CMI Emprende

Thus, through CMI Emprende, projects that train and improve opportunities for entrepreneurs such as Casa de Pollo Rey, Mer-K-dito Exprés, El Rincón del Pollo and Cedecap. The latter dedicated to training people who want to start their own bakery and pastry business—promoting business sense and formality.

This country supports those workers and dreamers who want to establish their own business through social programs such as CMI. In this way, people become business owners who collaborate with CMI’s various brands and products, generating growth and profits.

CMI educates

Provides opportunities for personal growth and works to create a respectful environment that protects the neighborhood, starting with its members. However, they are not limited to doing it at home; they look for possibilities to enrich the lives of young people by giving them the skills they need to be independent and perform their jobs with integrity.

This is done through a variety of social programs, such as training, alliances with universities, university scholarships, food and study scholarships, infrastructure improvements in educational facilities, community nurseries and nurseries.

CMI junto a ti

By providing opportunities for personal growth to its employees and helping the communities in which they work, including through initiatives for access to drinking water, medical brigades, forestry and road construction, among others, it improves the environment and reality. give back to society what it has given in terms of possibilities.

Carla Fowler

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