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Entrepreneurs make their way into the heart of Guatemala City. What is your most difficult challenge? Entrepreneur Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, director of the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation and president of CMI, launches initiatives in favor of Guatemalan entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Guatemala has grown in importance. That is why the government and the private sector have begun to pay attention to this vital group of men and women who want to change the world.

We have created a study focused on new entrepreneurs with innovative concepts that have had or are having success in various areas. Many more entrepreneurs want to succeed, which will come sooner for some than later for others; What will determine this?

Pitas & Co. | Karina Leon, 23 years old

It is rare to find such a perfect restaurant in the city, decoration, a delicious menu and above all excellent customer service; that is Pitas & Co., a growing company that seeks to find a preferential place among the city’s restaurants.

The business was born with a different concept than it is today. While Karina was studying gastronomy in Buenos Aires, her parents were running the business, “the place was nice, but not what I wanted,” says the 23-year-old.

She decided to return to Guatemala a year and a half ago and the changes at Pitas & Co. began to be strongly felt. One of the biggest challenges she has faced is administration and human resources.

Mama Kangaroo.| Maria Jose Velasquez, 38 years old

Stunned, is the word with which María José defines how she was two years ago, when she decided to start what is now a growing company.

With four children and one on the way, María José the least she thought about was putting more tasks into her day-to-day life, but her life always surprises; Nicolás, her fifth child, was born prematurely, forcing her to keep him very close to her to generate maternal body heat.

This led her to make a simple charger. “When I went out to a mall, the other moms asked me where I had bought it, I even explained to some of them how they could do it themselves,” she mentions.

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Fast-Good & Market Mint.| Daniel Galindo, 28 years old

Daniel Galindo in front of the Food Truck in Plaza Futeca in Condado Naranjo. The lack of empty premises made him manage to develop his concept in the parking area.

Since he was little, Daniel has had the habit of eating in a healthy way, that’s where the general idea of ​​his business comes from. When he began to investigate the growing market that crossed Naranjo County, he knew that there he had to start with what is now Menta, Fast-Good & Market.

He began looking for a suitable and strategic place, however, the plazas and shopping centers were saturated, there was no empty place.

The Up House| Roberto Lopez, 38 years old

Roberto is a marketer by profession and a large part of his life has been dedicated to researching markets, for the same reason, when he realized that his wife was going crazy, and was driving him crazy with so many things, he understood that there was a great opportunity to create a successful business. This is how The Up House was born, as the operations center for moms.

Today it is more than a café, since it offers several services: a restaurant, a boutique café, events, a beauty salon, courses and talks, comprehensive training and extracurricular courses for children. When the mother arrives to consume, she forgets about her children, since they have specialized teachers to care for and educate the little ones.

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