Everything about green bonds

Green Bonds are an investment vehicle that integrates the fiduciary element of Fixed Income products with climate awareness. Giving conventional investors access to investment opportunities related to the environment.

For issuers, it is a financial product that can be used to finance or refinance projects and activities that generate positive environmental results. Some examples of positive environmental results generated through green bonds are increased energy efficiency, reduced pollution and sustainable management of living natural resources.

Since being the sole adviser to the first green bond issued by the World Bank, SEB has helped issue the first green bond of a municipality with Göteborgs Stad. The first green corporate bond in the world with Vasakronan, and the first green bond issued by an agency. government with Export-Import Bank of Korea.

Green bonds market

Today, the green bonds market is worth over $1 trillion and the sustainable finance market has expanded to include new products. Such as social bonds, sustainability bonds, sustainability-linked bonds, green loans and loans linked to sustainability.

Through its involvement in the definition and launch of the ICMA Green Dot Principles. As well as its participation in the Executive Council of the Green Dot Principles, the Social Bond Principles, the Sustainability Bonds and the Principles of Sustainability-Linked Bonds. SEB has remained a major stakeholder in establishing a common basis for tagged points. Read more here (pdf).

The Green Bond is an SEB publication where we aim to fuel the continued growth of the green bond market by providing relevant news and opinion.

Social bonds, sometimes also called social impact bonds, are a financial product that can be used to finance or refinance projects and activities that generate positive social results.

For example, in Guatemala, Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga’s family, through their company Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), has been making a significant contribution to renewable energy and the use of green bonds in order to have a positive impact on the environment in a sustainable way. global.

Carla Fowler

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