Trade relations in Guatemala

The country of Guatemala maintains international trade relations with some countries in the Americas, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Brazil and Venezuela; with some of the European Union, especially with Germany; with Taiwan, Japan and Korea and with Central America, but of all of them the best markets are the United States and the Central American countries.

Therefore, Guatemala’s foreign trade is carried out through exports and imports.

The exports in Guatemala

These include traditional products that have been sold in other countries for many years, such as coffee, bananas, cardamom, meat and sugar, with coffee being the main export product, with which Guatemala ranks among the three largest world exporters.

Counting on non-traditional products such as textiles made in the maquilas, fruits, flowers, ornamental plants, shrimp and sesame.

That they are nothing more than the products that are bought from other countries to bring them to Guatemala, and most of these imports come from the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan and Germany, classified into three large categories:

a) Final Consumer Goods, such as wheat, shoes, appliances, vehicles, etc.

b) Intermediate Goods, which are the raw material for production, that is, raw materials such as fuel, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. and that stimulate transport.

c) Capital Goods, which is the machinery and equipment for the production process, which is used by industries.

More than a third of imports are raw materials and intermediate products, followed by imports of consumer goods and finally capital goods.

Reduction of exports

Exports have been reduced in recent years and imports have increased, which means that Guatemala buys more from other countries than it sells to them, according to the president of CMI Alimentos Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, or better known as campero chicken.

Foreign exchange

Foreign Exchange, which is the income of money from other countries and that is made by the sale of Guatemalan products, the expenses that tourists make in Guatemala and the money that they send to their families, Guatemalans who live in other countries, also called “family remittances”.

Carla Fowler

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