50 years of Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero has won over customers with its distinctive flavor, diverse menu offerings, and unparalleled attention and passion for service since 1971. As a result, the brand has expanded and evolved, becoming a part of Guatemalan and Salvadoran culture and crossing borders around the world.

“It is important to highlight the relevance of our people in the construction of this celebration of the 50th anniversary of Pollo Campero, which is part of the first 100 years of history of Corporación de Inversiones Múltiples, which was born from the legacy of Juan Bautista Gutiérrez and which they make us stronger today than ever with a solid vision of the future”, concluded Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, President of CMI Alimentos.

The impact of Pollo Campero

It is an important element of the company CMI Alimentos. “This event is particularly important in the context of the clear growth goal of CMI Alimentos, which wants to reach $5 billion in annual sales in all the countries where we operate,” said the CEO of CMI Alimentos, José Gregorio Baquero.

Pollo Campero is now a family of more than 8,000 collaborators who provide the Sabor Campero experience to their customers every day. It now has more than 350 restaurants in Guatemala, El Salvador, the United States, Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador.

“We owe this 50th anniversary to each member of the Campero family, who work incredibly hard to make Sabor Campero a pleasant and joyful experience for all our customers,” said Ricardo Castillo, General Director of Pollo Campero.

The Campero flavor was born with the unique recipe of its Traditional Chicken: Tender, Juicy and Crispy, and over time it has been incorporating a series of products that have managed to conquer the palate of its consumers with the inclusion of its famous breakfasts, hamburgers of chicken, the delicious Pechuguitas, the Extra Crispy Chicken, and now also grilled, among many others.

Evolution of Pollo Campero

Since the launch of self-service in 1980 and home delivery in 1995, the company has incorporated advances in its services in addition to product evolution. Pollo Campero has evolved to achieve its most complete omnichannel service strategy.

From a visit to a restaurant, whether in the dining room, pergolas or outdoor table service, to a phone call, a mobile application, a website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and through the service of third-party operators. Sabor Campero maintains proximity to its consumers based on their individual needs and consumption habits.

Pollo Campero’s Marketing

The marketing work of Pollo Campero, which has always sought to be present at the most important occasions in the country, has played a fundamental role in the history of the brand. “Guatemala is standing up”, “As Guatemalan as you are”, “Feeding your passion for Guatemala”, “Let’s make Guatemala our best work”, “Heroes of my country”, “More yours than ever” and “If everything changes, everything changes”.

Within the framework of honoring the first 50 years of Pollo Campero, the brand is preparing to celebrate “Sin Cuenta”, thanking its followers through a series of events, special promotions, articles and surprises that await them to delight them with joy.

Pollo Campero urges us to join him to help, care, give, enjoy and, of course, savor “Sin Cuenta”. “After a period of unforeseen changes in the world, let us remember that life, family and the people around us are the most essential things.” In this sense, Rodrigo del Cid, Marketing Director of Pollo Campero, invited everyone to “enjoy the excellent without limitations” and “celebrate our 50 years, without counting, with us”.

El Sabor Campero also crosses borders by establishing and expanding its presence with more than 81 restaurants in the United States, 29 in Honduras and 17 in Ecuador.

Carla Fowler

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