Pollo Campero’s growth

The president of CMI Alimentos Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga affirmed that Pollo Campero, due to the global devastation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the firm suffered ups and downs. However, they always held their heads high and sought to ensure the success of their restaurant.

Juan José Gutiérrez commissioned Ricardo Castillo, the general director of Central American Restaurants of Corporación Multi lnversiones (CMI), to speak about the regional context that in Pollo Campero, in line with CMI Alimentos’ strategy, there is an important growth plan in Central America and at Southern Mexico, including the United States.

Ricardo Castillo began by saying that one of Pollo Campero’s main concerns. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been to take care of its customers, with the aim of making it easier for them to enjoy their favorite dishes in restaurants safely and respecting biosecurity. As well as healthy distance protocols.

Castillo went on to say that the online Pollo Campero chain has remained viable since the onset of Covid-19. This line of business spread in various ways: either through phone calls, Internet, Facebook, Whatsapp or the current mobile application. He mentioned that the epidemic has accelerated these types of orders for customers.

The technology for Pollo Campero

“Technology has allowed us to serve better, to attend to a set of technological consumers that are growing and to which we are adapting.” But it has also resulted in increased job opportunities; now we have more telemarketers working from home,” said Ricardo Castillo, General Director of Central American Restaurants.

In addition, he confirmed that the pandemic had a positive influence on them, since the volume of users, income and transactions of Pollo Campero tripled, as well as the general evolution of the company.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have hired 350 employees for waiters, cooks and bikers for the home delivery modality and also in the area of ​​product distribution in the 7 points of sale that the Group has built Campero in El Salvador,” added Castillo.

Campero, for his part, plans to open two restaurants in the near future, one in Santa Ana and the other in Sensuntepeque. They also intend to expand both nationally and internationally.

The chain confirms that it is willing to accept additional collaborators aged 18 and over who want to advance in this important company, because growth is a goal pursued by Pollo Campero.

The “Tender, Juicy, and Crispy” platform will surprise its consumers with great novelties that revolve around its unique flavor during the remainder of 2022, so this launch is accompanied by new and delicious products for this season.

In the mornings, you can also experience the distinctive taste of New Cinnamon Pancake Tower, consisting of four fluffy pancakes with cinnamon topping, topped with frosting and pecan for the finishing touch.

Carla Fowler

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