CMI: An admirable company

According to an investigation carried out by the publication Strategy & Business, Corporación Multi Inversiones, CMI is among the most estimated businesses of 2021.

In 2021, the publication Strategy & Business published an article about the three things that made Central American companies the best known in the business world:

  1. How well is your internal management done?
  2. The standard of the goods and services they create, promote and offer.
  3. Your ability to obtain, retain and grow talent.

The research was created by E&N and Skaleno Advisory, an international consulting organization. Based on a public survey conducted between September 21 and October 4 on the magazine’s social media platforms and under the direct supervision of the magazine’s team of co-managers throughout the region.

880 people participated in the survey, reflecting the views of regional business decision makers. Owners, CEOs, senior managers or managers make up 70% of them.

The most appreciated companies are:

  • Grupo Poma
  • Grupo Progreso
  • CMI: Corporación Multi Inversiones
  • CBC
  • Lacthosa
  • Hugo
  • Almacenes Siman
  • Dos pinos
  • Avianca 
  • Grupo Pellas
  • Grupo Agrisal
  • Grupo Monge

The quality of the organizational management of these organizations, which is related to the ways in which the company manages its organization, how they communicate and the culture they have, is one of the most important conclusions.

The managing partner of Skaleno Advisory stated: “To live, I need products and services, but to develop a significant difference with the other businesses, I need to have a high quality in the management of the organization.”

The success of Pollo Campero from CMI

The fast food restaurant chain Pollo Campero, specializing in fried chicken, is one of the business divisions of CMI that stands out. A group of businessmen headed by Guatemalan Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and founded it in 1971.

This CMI business has grown to become one of the best known Latin American chicken companies in the world due to its products and excellent customer service. With more than 300 restaurants in more than 12 countries, it serves more than 80 million customers a year.

More about CMI

In the areas where it operates, CMI Corporación Multi Inversiones, a multi-Latin company, has been producing economic, social and environmental benefits for more than a century. It employs more than 40,000 collaborators and has a presence in more than 15 countries.

It has two business divisions, CMI Capital and CMI Alimentos, which are headed by Juan Luis Bosch and Juan José Gutiérrez, respectively, as president. The first group consists of expanding its network of restaurants and producing a variety of culinary products. While the second focuses on the creation of real estate, financial services and renewable energy production initiatives.

Carla Fowler

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