CMI Alimentos in the minds of Central Americans

The recent publication of the fifth investigation, “Brands that are in the minds of Central America 2020”, revealed that CMI Alimentos brands occupy a privileged place in the minds of Central Americans. The effort and commitment that entrepreneurs like Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and the rest of her work team have dedicated has been reflected in the minds of consumers.

The value of being in the minds of consumers

The brand is the most important intangible asset for companies and organizations because it influences the expectations of consumers about goods and services. As well as in his behavior in relation to them.

Being in the minds of consumers is one of its most significant characteristics and is usually the decisive factor when comparing two products.

With the panorama in which the world found itself due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we were able to observe firsthand how a catastrophe of this magnitude can significantly affect the value of brands, either by strengthening or weakening them.

In this context, the magazine Strategy and Business publishes the report “Brands in the minds of consumers in Central America 2020“, which is based on information from a study that was commissioned from the market research company Kantar Mercaplan.

More than 1,800 customer responses from the six area nations were collected between June and July of this year and used in this fifth edition.

Company in the minds of Central American consumers

In 20 different categories, the aforementioned survey lists the brands that are most popular among Central Americans. In the results of this publication, it is highlighted that while many companies or institutions are represented by a single dominant brand. Corporación Multi Inversiones managed to represent five different brands in each of their respective categories, including Pollo Campero, Toledo, Pastas INA, Pollo Rey and Pollo Indio

Not only do these brands come first to people’s minds when they think of the area, but the covid-19 pandemic has only cemented their reputation. This is possible because Corporación Multi Inversiones has made an effort to maintain close ties with its clients. In addition to adapting to your changing demands while complying with legal requirements and protecting personnel.

With 78% and 79% occupancy in the minds of consumers in their respective categories, Pastas Ina and Pollo Rey are the most popular products in Guatemala. In El Salvador, Pollo Indio has a 78% market share.

In addition, due to their top 5 positions in at least three regional countries, two CMI products were designated as Regional Leading Tom Brands. The first is Embutidos Toledo, which is available in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The second is Pastas Ina, which is among the best known brands in those countries.

For its part, Pollo Campero is considered one of the most recognizable fast food businesses in Guatemala and one of the brands that provided the most support during the covid-19 issue.

These 5 brands are part of the CMI Alimentos business group, which is currently one of the largest and most important food groups in the area. Among its businesses are the manufacture of pasta, cookies, wheat and corn flour mills, poultry, pork, processed meats and sausages, as well as balanced food for pets and animals and the restaurant sector, which includes brands such as Pollo Campero and Farmer Chicken.

Carla Fowler

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