The evolution of the CMI during the pandemic

The evolution of CMI in the wake of the pandemic prompted them to update their technological processes in a matter of 8 to 10 months. The epidemic has left some obstacles and inconveniences for companies, but it has also left some valuable lessons. The way people consume, work and live has changed, and companies have had to adapt to stay in business.

This is the story of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), a multi-Latin family business that has been creating economic, social and environmental value in the communities where it operates for more than a century. This firm is directed by the presidents Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, who chose to act proactively in the face of the situation, keeping calm and clearly determining their objectives.

The transformation after the pandemic has accelerated

The CMI team used techniques that allowed them to change parts of their business in eight to ten months. Under normal circumstances, this would have taken them 3-4 years.

One of these transitions occurred in the technology and digital sectors, where they were forced to make disruptive modifications and considerable expenses in order to continue operating in the face of the limits of the pandemic. Changes in their digital procedures (home delivery and Apps) as well as in their dining rooms in shopping centers.

“Since we opened, the appreciation and the lack of loss of customers is palpable. We have a 98% occupancy rate in the shopping centers. Campero, sales are almost back to normal, Mother’s Day 2021 was a fantastic record. Being proactive, staying calm, and clearly defining your goals has really helped us.” – Juan Luis Bosch contributed.

Apart from this good contribution, the pandemic left them with certain ideas that shaped their business practices:

The most important thing in a pandemic is people

CMI has been in charge of providing support to its people since the first damaging effects of the pandemic on society and industry. Something they continue to do now by placing 80 doctors in all geographies to monitor the health of each of their employees.

You must be prepared to face a crisis

CMI created a crisis procedure that was authorized in December 2019 and launched a month and a half later. This guide was designed to be used in the event of an earthquake, but they ended up using it to combat the negative effects of the pandemic. During this time, more than 80 group members received crisis management training.

The importance of acknowledging families

When Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga contracted Covid-19 and was hospitalized in mid-January, Juan Luis called him at least five times a day to see how he was doing and if he needed anything. “And it is that, despite the fact that Juan Luis and I are cousins, there have been moments in our lives in which we have felt more like brothers.” Juan José Gutiérrez stated in an interview with Strategy & Business magazine.

After that event, Juan José Gutiérrez and Juan Luis Bosch have been present to help the families of deceased WCC members. “We have conveyed sympathy and we have been very close to these procedures so that the families do not feel so devastated,” said Juan José.

After all, the pandemic not only accelerated the company’s transformation processes and made it grow and mature, but also brought them closer as a family.

Carla Fowler

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