CMI Energía arrives in the Dominican Republic

CMI or better known as Corporación Multi Inversiones managed to make a great investment and make its way to the Dominican Republic.

CMI Energía, a grouping of Capital Businesses belonging to Corporación Multi Inversiones– CMI-, expands its presence and joins the national interconnected electricity system, with 50 megawatts of clean energy.

CMI’s growth strategy

In order to continue consolidating and strengthening its growth strategy, CMI Energía de Corporación Multi Inversiones –CMI-, announced the entry into operation of the first renewable energy plant outside the Central American region.

With a total capital investment of US$72.5 million and a generation of 50 MW, the Mata de Palma Solar Park, in the municipality of Guerra in the province of Santo Domingo, becomes the twelfth generation plant and CMI’s third solar project, allowing it to generate sustainable development with an impact.

Energy generation in Guatemala

Mata de Palma adds to CMI’s renewable energy generation portfolio, thus exceeding 800 MW of installed capacity among the different renewable energy operations in 6 countries. Through the company’s technological and geographic diversity, with hydro generation in Guatemala; wind in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica; and solar in El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, Mata de Palma expands CMI Energía’s presence, positioning itself as the largest and most diversified private generator in the Central American and Caribbean region.

Mata de Palma, made up of more than 200,500 solar panels, has first class technology, which makes it a reference in the country. Mata de Palma, which was developed by BAS Corporation and built by Dominion, generated approximately 250 direct and indirect jobs, as well as subcontracts that allow the operation of the park to meet international quality standards.

CMI Energía arrived in the Dominican Republic

Mata de Palma

Likewise, José Gutiérrez Mayorga said: “CMI Energía will continue working in all its geographies, as it has done throughout the years, with the highest standards of quality, respect for Human Rights and a strong commitment to the care, protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources. Through our total generation of renewable energy, we prevent the emission of more than 1 million 500 thousand tons of CO2 per year, thus contributing to mitigate climate change. Specifically in Dominican Republic, with the generation of Mata de Palma, we avoid the emission of approximately 60,800 tons of CO2, annually, which demonstrates our great environmental commitment to the country.”

“The size of our business and our geographic footprint requires us to not only make our operations sustainable, but to be able to contribute in a measurable way to the development of the countries. Therefore, through our business units we seek to be an active part, from a role as agents of change in the region, and now in Dominican Republic, through our ability to generate investments that have a positive impact on economic, environmental and social approaches,” indicated Gutiérrez Mayorga.

Carla Fowler

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