Industry entrepreneurs are trained by CMI

Many people may find it difficult or extremely difficult to start a business. Particularly considering how few people have the necessary materials, skills, or equipment to complete it successfully. To help entrepreneurs launch their own businesses and stimulate growth and prosperity, organizations like Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), headed by President Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and Juan Luis Bosch, believe it is crucial to support entrepreneurs.

This is how CMI Emprende was born, one of the corporation’s axes of social action that promotes formality and entrepreneurs through initiatives that educate and broaden business prospects.

They help people who work hard and have big dreams, but want to start their own business this way. This is possible thanks to the association with the various brands and products of CMI.

CEDECAP assists entrepreneurs

The Training and Development Center Specialized in Bakery and Pastry (Cedecap), one of CMI’s most important initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, has trained more than 130,000 people in bakery and pastry since its foundation in 1998.

The Entrepreneurs Program is one of CEDECAP’s initiatives; focuses on confectionery and offers technical, financial, administrative and marketing training as well as being taught in person and online in Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango.

The Entrepreneurs Program has trained more than 500 employees in the last four years, according to Roco Figueroa, head of customer service. She said: “We are your allies and we are here to help you.

Learn more about CMI Alimentos flour products

Using state-of-the-art techniques for the transformation of wheat and corn for food production, CMI Alimentos focuses on producing wheat for the bakery sector through its wheat and flour milling companies. Its goal is to build companies in the wheat and corn value chains that serve the needs of its customers. At the same time that it strengthens its brands and the marketing of its products and constantly improves the efficiency and caliber of its operations, goods and services.

Products that work include:

  • Hard flours – used to make white doughs for items like pizza, hot dogs, baguettes, box bread, French bread, and more.
  • To make sweet doughs such as cakes, muffins, shells, toast and all varieties of sweet bread, use soft flours.
  • To make items with higher fiber content, like whole-grain breads, use whole-grain flour.
  • To prepare cookies, milkshakes and the whole range of sweet bread toasts, use extra soft flour.
  • Cakes, cupcakes, brownies and other sweets can be prepared with pre-mixed ingredients.

Many entrepreneurs have acquired new knowledge and have been able to apply it to their own companies as a result of CMI Alimentos’ experience in flour production.

Carla Fowler

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