The largest green bonds in Central America

Green initiatives, which include investments in sustainable and socially responsible assets in fields as varied as renewable energies. Energy efficiency, clean transport or responsible waste management are financed or refinanced with green bonds, and CMI Energy is aware of this.

For US$700 million, CMI Energía issued the largest green bond issued by a renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean. Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga reaffirms that the bond proceeds will be invested in projects that address the climate crisis and promote renewable energy. This was the largest green bonds issuance by a renewable energy provider in the Caribbean and Central America.

Several of the investors who supported the Guatemalan company, according to company spokespersons, stand out for giving high priority to ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors. The bookrunners for the creation of guaranteed green bonds were Citigroup and JP Morgan.

The commitment to green bonds

In fact, the issuance of green bonds reflects the issuer’s commitment to making sustainable investment decisions. In this way, the activity is consistent with CMI Energy’s objectives of reducing GHG emissions and, at the same time, decarbonizing and diversifying the regional energy network in the nations where it operates.

The framework for green bonds includes 4 eligible categories that have been tailored to correspond to particular SDGs. They are the following:

  • Renewable energy: taking climate action with renewable energy
  • Energy Efficiency: Climate Action and Renewable Energies
  • Innovative and Sustainable Cities and Communities through Green Buildings
  • Urban Sustainability and Clean Transport

CMI Capital’s renewable energy division, CMI Energía, operates hydroelectric plants in Guatemala, solar plants in El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, and wind plants in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Together, these renewable energy sources have an installed capacity of more than 800 MW. It is the largest private renewable energy platform in the area.

The corporation’s real estate, financial services and renewable energy production operations are managed by CMI Capital. El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are among the countries where the group’s portfolio is active from Guatemala.

Carla Fowler

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