Teach your children to manage money

Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga advises that if parents don’t educate their children in the fundamentals of personal finance, they will have to find out for themselves along the way. Generating that they are likely to make mistakes with their money that may have been avoidable or at least less harmful.

Knowing about finances is important, but so is knowing how to save and invest. However, they are principles that are learned early in life through the family economy. Teaching children how to budget and save money is just as crucial as developing their emotional intelligence or sending them to school.

Ways to manage money in children

Four ways to teach your children to manage their finances:

Play with them to teach the value of money

Do you remember playing a game where you could win cash and real estate? It can be put into practice with children. You can also try playing a game where the winner receives a prize of coins. They will understand that it takes hard work to make money and that planning your spending is crucial to avoiding losses in the near future.

Take them to a garage sale

Show them that they can find some really great stuff for a little money by stepping out of their comfort zone by taking them to well-known garage sales. Let her know that affordability and quality are not mutually exclusive, and with a little persistence, she can get “good, nice, cheap” items.

Include it in family financial strategies

Take advantage of this opportunity if you have big plans for a family vacation, a move or a purchase; young children are generally not included in these arrangements. Giving them a part of the family savings, on the other hand, is the best way to teach them how to save and manage money.

You can ask him to contribute a small part of his weekly salary. Even if it seems insignificant from a financial point of view, your contribution will have a great psychological impact.

Reward your children’s work with money

By paying him to complete some tasks that are within his ability, you can use this as an effective teaching tool to show the young person that money takes work and that you have to work to earn it. Of course, you must first make it clear what your responsibilities are as a member of the household and what additional tasks can be compensated for.

Keep in mind that you need to exercise patience, just like everyone else, as your children will experience a learning curve before realizing the importance of this.

By the way, what methods do you use to teach your children to manage their money?

Carla Fowler

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