Top products during the pandemic in Guatemala

“Without a doubt, since the beginning of the pandemic, the consumption patterns of Guatemalans have changed, as well as the global dynamics,” says Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, chairman of CMI Alimentos.

For example, now people value being at home and the way this is measured is observing the purchases of appliances made by families living in Guatemala. Among the most purchased products are electrical appliances such as the stove, refrigerator and washing machine , says the analyst.

He adds that the import of stoves in February 2019 grew 120%. While in April 2021 the demand was 222%, compared to the previous year, which had a drop of 34%.

He adds that this radical change has been evident since September 2020 , with a growth of over 35%. This indicates that people during the pandemic began to improve their homes and purchase stoves due to fear of COVID-19 infections.


During the first months of the pandemic, the import of washing machines fell , but in August 2020 it began to grow at 17%, reaching 171% in November. And in April 2021 it rose to 126%.

Levels of growth never seen before. Since October 2019, no growth of less than 40% was reflected in any month.

In addition, refrigerators also had “growth above normal”, because in September 2020 it reflected a growth of 20%, and in November of that same year, 120%. While in December 2019 it only grew 8%.


Laptops before the pandemic were a product that was in steady decline since smartphones could supply some of its functions, according to data from CABI Data Analytics .

In 2016 the consumption of this product fell 9%, in 2017 it rose 3%, 2018 it fell 10% and in 2019 the fall was 11% and in 2020 it rose 18%. These percentages, if viewed on a monthly basis, reflect that in April 2019 it fell to 50%, but in July the growth was 19%; August 30%; September 78%; October 24%; November 55% and December 83%.

While in 2021 the growth in January was 74%; February 70%, March 130% and in April 227%. These data indicate that this device was valued more because it was used for other activities such as work and home school.

The least sold products

Besides all the negative, and at some point positive impact Covid-19 has brought to us. There are products that did not have the same fate as the stove, refrigerator and washing machine, such is the case of clothes. Clothing sales growth in November was 2%, but in December it began to stabilize. This product has had a hard time recovering.

Ceramic and porcelain floors also registered a drop in the first months of the pandemic. In May 2020 these floors reflect a drop of 31%, its lowest point, in December 35%; but in February 2021 they grew 54%

Carla Fowler

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