Top 5 Food Manufacturing Companies

Food manufacturing companies are an important factor for the economy of the countries where they are produced, as well as for those who consume them.

Regardless of their size, they are important in the economic sphere, which is why  Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, head of the Grupo Campero, explains that producing food products is big business and also encourages others to develop new food manufacturing companies.

1. Henningsen Foods

Henningsen Foods is a well-known producer of food products. The company is based in Nebraska and has been in business since 1889.

With three plants across the state handling the manufacturing process, their distribution of safe, accessible foods runs through their Omaha, Nebraska location.

Customers will enjoy the wide selection of eggs, poultry, beef, and pork products available from Henningsen Foods. They offer dehydrated egg whites and egg yolks, chicken skin, meats and fat, and beef and pork products like rendered beef fat and beef extract.


2. Westin Foods

Dick Westin established Westin Foods in the 1960s to compete as one of the biggest food manufacturers in the country.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Westin Foods continues to build on its reputation as one of the finest in the country, building on its brand and food offerings and connecting with other labels and companies to expand Westin Foods’ name across the country and into different industries.

Today, the food producer is manned by CEO Scott Carlson and President Brad Poppen, two men with the vision and ambition to continue building the various brands within the Westin Foods family for the future.

From Westin Packaged Meats, their bacon brand of real and manufactured bacon products, to Dominex Natural Foods, which offers excellent non-GMO frozen and ready-to-eat food offerings, there is something for everyone’s food preference.


3. empirical foods

More than simply a food manufacturer, empirical foods is proud of its ability to think outside the box. This company focuses on producing great food products but invests equal amounts of energy and time into its R&D in food technology and machinery.

While providing customers with some of the very finest in their manufactured food lines, they’re also in the business of empowering those same customers to be able to manufacture and process food on their own.

With a wide range of meat products available for purchase, empirical foods aims to be the first stop for customers looking for packaged and processed foods.

They offer ground beef, boxed beef, boxed pork, and fully cooked meats for safety and convenient consumption. Customers may also be interested in empirical foods’ systems and technologies, including grinders, sanitary pumps, and packaging systems.


4. Grain Place Foods

With roots that trace back to the 1950s, Grain Place Foods is proud of being a Nebraskan born-and-bred business. Founded in 1979 by the hardworking Vetter family, Grain Place Foods is the pride and joy of both the farming family and its like-minded community.

The company harvests and cultivates many natural grains and related products for sale in their natural and processed forms to customers across the country.

First and foremost on their list of food products is the impressive variety of grains available for purchase. Whether it is their barley, millet, or oaks, customers can rest assured that they’re purchasing a top-quality product. Other available food items include cornmeal, whole soybeans, mixed grain assortment packages, and freeze-dried blueberries.


5. Diller Locker Company

Diller, Nebraska may not be as well-known as some of the other larger cities in the state, but it’s the proud birthplace of Diller Locker Company, one of the best producers of beef and pork products. The company started in 2015, and over the following few years, they were able to expand to new facilities and expand their staff of skilled workers.

With their complement of highly trained and experienced staff, Diller Locker Company can promise high-quality cuts of meat and processed products produced through ethical food management practices.

Customers will enjoy browsing through their extensive selection of processed pork products like patties and sausages, as well as beef products like dried beef or beef jerky.

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