Why should we care about human capital?

The human capital of a company is one of the most important resources that must be protected and carefully managed in order to strategically face the problem that the current epidemic symbolizes.

We know that covid-19 affects everyone on the planet. A virus that spreads rapidly from person to person with any physical contact and can spread rapidly if preventative precautions are not taken.

Lisa Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga reiterates that a company that appreciates the importance of human capital is one that realizes that in order to continue with its operations, evolution and economic growth, it must first safeguard its people.

We all know that the growth of a company depends on a variety of circumstances and elements that revolve around its business environment. But why worry about human capital, especially in times of viruses and pandemics? Is it a business opportunity? Because the workers are the engine that drives the growth of the company.

Today we know that companies face significant obstacles in this circumstance; And we are not only talking about taking care of the physical and mental well-being of employees, but also about keeping their jobs.

Corporate principles such as solidarity are important because if the collaborators have a pleasant work experience. If they feel respected, cared for and protected, many things can be achieved by facing the challenges of promoting sustainable development.

Balance between economy and human capital

It is critical that companies strike a balance between economy and empathy in all choices that affect people.

According to the Teams and Talents website, according to Global Talent Trends 2020 research, companies are up to four times more productive:

“Leading organizations are focusing on preserving the health, financial well-being and career goals of their employees.” The reasons for this trend are clear: to face the consequences of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis with greater solvency.

Boost the performance of your employees during the foreseeable economic recession and prepare them for a labor market dominated by artificial intelligence and process automation in the future.

Companies will need to include alternative incentives to navigate the uncertain times ahead, with 63% of HR managers predicting wage stagnation.”

A company that cares about its human capital

For CMI it is essential that each of its leaders and collaborators live the values ​​of the company, fostering the warmth of a family business. The corporate cares about the growth and development of its employees, as well as the health and well-being of its people, their families. and the communities in which it operates.

People are CMI’s most essential resource and the heart of the company. That is why it has established several tactics and initiatives to take care of them and support their professional and personal growth.

Carla Fowler

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